Health Visitor Services

1. Antenatal Support

We are aware that most expectant mothers are working right up until the baby is due so their spare time is limited. We can visit expectant parents in their home at a time that suits them to discuss their birth plans, feeding preferences, health issues, what to expect in the early days and the support they may need after the birth.

2. Breast Feeding

We have extensive experience in supporting new mothers on all aspects of feeding including positioning, attachment, expressing and preventing problems. We are also aware that some mothers will choose to formula feed and can offer support with the current advice around bottle feeding.

3. Emotional Wellbeing

Postnatal depression is very common but seldon talked about and this can result in distress and anxiety for a new mother with confusing feelings about both herself and her new baby. Both Karen and Philippa are trained in the assessment and management of post natal depression and experienced in the use of the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression scoring system. We can liaise with your GP and refer to counsellors if this is indicated. We can also visit you at home on a regular basis to support you through this difficult period.

4. After the birth of your baby

We can offer a package of post natal care from the moment your baby is born to a mutually agreed time when you feel confident and secure in your handling of your new baby. During these visits we will monitor the growth and develoment of your baby, support you with feeding, settling, crying issues, wind problems and the minor illnesses that often occur in the early post natal period.

5. Developmental Assessments

The government is advising that there are key ages in the early years  when children should be offered a developmental review. Karen and Philippa offer an extensive  review at home and will assess all areas of the baby/child’s development including speech & language, hearing, large movements , fine movements, vision, social development, emotional health, dental care, safety and any area of concern you may have. We also offer support and guidance around behavioural issues.

6. Workshops and Group Work

Karen and Philippa teach infant massage on a regular basis in Harpenden and  St Albans. We also offer individual sessions at home.