Sleep problems

Common Sleep Problems

  • My baby wakes through the night and will not go back to sleep
  • Our baby will only sleep in our bed
  • I have to breast feed my baby to sleep
  • My child refuses to go to bed
  • I have to get up several times a night to replace the dummy
  • My baby wakes at 4am and won’t go back to sleep
  • My child has reflux so I don’t like to leave her in the cot
  • I feel so tired and low in the day due to lack of sleep
  • My work is being affected by my constant exhaustion

These are problems reported to us every day and by looking at each case on an individual basis we can use a variety of techniques which will help you to make effective changes to your child’s sleeping pattern. This will result in a good sleep pattern within 2-4 weeks and restore harmony to your family. Our personal service in the home or via the phone if preferred will ensure that you receive the support needed to make the behavioural changes necessary to encourage your child to sleep well. You will be supported until the problem has resolved and for up to 6 months so you can be certain that you have the confidence to manage any difficulties that may arise.

Advantages of a good sleep pattern

  • Happier baby
  • Improves the psychological and physical development of your baby
  • Improved behaviour in the child
  • Less anxiety for parents
  • Improved function at home and at work
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Greater harmony within the family