Introducing your baby to solid food

  • Is my baby hungry?
  • Why is my baby losing weight?
  • I am not sure when I should introduce solid food
  • I am confused by all the different advice
  • What is baby led weaning?
  • Can I use my own food or should I use jars?
  • How much milk should my baby have?
  • Should I use vitamin drops?
  • My baby refuses all the food I offer
  • My baby will not swallow lumps

Introducing your baby to solid food can be a difficult process. We have the up to date guidelines and access to the latest research to ensure the transition from milk to family based foods is as painless as possible. We can provide support as you begin to introduce small meals and adapt the breast/formula feeds appropriately.

We are happy to see you at home for a private consultation and discuss all your concerns about weaning, provide a plan of care and offer support as your baby adjusts to a new routine.

Benefits of effective weaning

  • Steady growth
  • Gradual adaptation to all types of family based foods
  • Promotion of hand eye contact and speech development
  • Promotion of healthy appetite
  • Encouragement of self-feeding
  • Good nutritional advice
  • Less fussy eater